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How long does a session last ?

A session lasts between one and two hours. At the start-up session, we define together the objective you want to achieve and the way in which the achievement of this objective will be assessed (its measurement). The duration and cost of the coaching are also agreed.

Sessions can take place at 132 Boulevard Emile Bockstale in Laeken, in your organisation or company and/or by videoconference, depending on your requirements.

How long does the coaching process last?

This depends on your objective. In general, the coaching process lasts between 7 and 10 sessions. Career reorientation coaching takes place over a few months and involves around ten sessions. The coaching rhythm is generally one session every two to three weeks.

The duration of corporate coaching is determined in agreement with human resources and the line manager. The duration of the coaching process is also estimated during the first session.

What happens during the first session (start-up session)?

The first session consists of defining, in partnership, your coaching objective, the measurement indicator and an estimate of the number of sessions.

What happens at subsequent sessions?

At each session, we validate together the stage you want to reach, in order to achieve your objective at the end of the coaching process.

What are the coach’s and client’s responsibilities?

The coach is responsible for the process; you, the client, are responsible for the result. The coach accompanies you on your coaching journey and keeps your objective in mind.

Where does the coaching session take place?

The session takes place at the LoPsyMe centre, 215 avenue Rommelaere in Jette, or by videoconference, depending on your preference. For in-company coaching, I can come to your premises or coach by videoconference, but it may be preferable to schedule sessions away from your usual place of work.

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