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Services for companies

Professional coaching uses tools and methods to support executives, managers and teams in finding effective, tailor-made solutions.


The specific feature of coaching in a company or organisation is the establishment of a tripartite contract between the person being coached, the supervisor and the coach. The objective of the coaching is set by mutual agreement at the start-up meeting. A closing meeting is also scheduled to assess whether the objective has been achieved.

1/ Executives and managers

1. Develop your leadership skills to make an effective impact

2. Rediscover meaning and motivation

3. Clarify your role

4. Refocus on your function

5. Initiating change (taking up a new post, setting up a management committee, etc.)

6. Increasing assertiveness

7. Setting limits

8. Improving communication

9. Managing stress better

2/ Team coaching

Team coaching to :

1.            Identify what makes sense for the team

2.            Rediscover motivation and commitment

3.            Improve working relationships between team members

4.            Clarify roles

Working together

In partnership, we can define your objective. If you'd like more information about these services, I'd be delighted to talk to you.

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