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Services for individuals

Coaching for individuals is designed to help people achieve their professional goals.

Career coaching

In order to :
1.         Identify what is meaningful to you
2.         Carry out a skills assessment
3.         Define your career plan (salaried or entrepreneurial)
4.         Initiate a career transition (employee or entrepreneurial)
5.         Rediscover your motivation
6.         Develop self-confidence
7.         Being able to set limits
8.         Structuring your communication

Do you also speak Dutch? Check out the Dutch version of this site to see if you can benefit from the VDAB's career vouchers. You'll only pay 80 euros for 7 hours of coaching! Don't know if you're entitled to career vouchers? You can find out here: Alles over loopbaancheques | VDAB

In partnership with :

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Working together

Coaching enables you to define your professional objective, in partnership with your coach, and to bounce back.

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