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What is coaching ?

Coaching is a partnership between coach and client that focuses on action so that the client can achieve the goal they have set themselves.

This goal is achieved more quickly and easily through the coaching process. The coach's role is to question and mirror what he sees, hears and feels during the sessions. This enables the client to become aware of their motivations, personality, obstacles and possibly contradictions, but above all their resources. All this helps them to achieve the goal they have set themselves.

Coaching and ICF ?

The International Coaching Federation (ICF) has over 50,000 members worldwide. When you are coached by an ICF-certified coach, you can be sure that they have undergone training recognised by this international federation, that they continue to train and are supervised in their day-to-day practice.


The ICF coach applies the 8 key coaching skills and respects a code of ethics, as well as confidentiality.

ICF Code of Ethics - International Coaching Federation

Working together

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