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Who am I ?



Ann Saunders
ICF Certified Coach

With 20 years' experience in HR and management, mainly in the non-profit sector (both in Belgium and internationally), I coach individuals and companies who are convinced that "feeling in your right professional place" is essential to achieving their objectives or mission.

I'm an ICF-certified coach (ACC), and I've been trained in skills assessment, as well as in "coaching through burn-out". I am bilingual in English and French and have a very good level of Dutch.

I provide coaching (one-to-one and group) in all 3 languages, including since September 2020 for DAOUST (outplacement and inplacement). I work with Het Coachingatelier (only in Dutch) and accept VDAB career vouchers.


Feeling at one's professional best

My observation (from what I've seen and experienced) and my conviction is that it's essential to find meaning in what you do and also to enjoy working, while building on your skills and making a living from them. The search for this balance ("feeling in your right professional place") sometimes requires coaching

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